Josh Walker, a New England native and creative powerhouse, brings to the Blue Hippo Company over 20 years of finishing carpentry skills and abilities. With a key eye for detail, Josh’s qualifications include interpreting and implementing woodworking blueprints and unique project specifications. As a lead carpenter, his impact on structural design, insight into creative project layouts and management of job installations make him an asset to all things woodworking and to Blue Hippo Inc. Josh is a skilled and passionate carpenter with experience in residential and commercial building, and has garnered himself a positive reputation for quality work, timely construction and project management. Aside from his critical thinking skills, Josh effectively manages operation and control skills, hand-eye-coordination and mechanical skills safely and according to practice standards.

He brings enthusiasm and consideration to carpentry work. His work is built on merit and made with honor. When it comes to carpentry skills, Josh Walker knows what finished looks like.