Welcome to Blue Hippo

We are here to bring our customers visions to life! No projects too small or too BIG. We work on the solution and build some pretty cool stuff! With the right tools, equipment and knowledge, we can handle anything!

It takes a Team

At Blue Hippo, we've comprised a team of highly-skilled, spectacular people to bring our customers visions to life. Our mix of designers, artists, fabricators, painters, engineers, and technicians work in conjunction with each other on just about every project we do. Our team brings years of experience in each field to the table and is passionate about what they do. That passion is proven by the quality in everything we create.

Orlando, "The City Beautiful"

Everything we do comes from our facility in Orlando, Florida. What a Magical place to be! Whether it be 3D printing, foam sculptures, hot wire cutting, CNC routing, laser cutting, welding, woodworking, and fabrication, we can do it all. And even with the biggest theme parks in the world in our backyard, we have more fun at work!

Got an Idea?.

Our team at Blue Hippo loves a good challenge. We truly are a custom fabrication shop and use the latest software and equipment to make it happen. Click here to start the conversation and let us work with you to find a solution.