Connecting Designers, Architects, and Builders to 3D modeling, we bring the design to reality.
This gives a clear representation of what buildings will actually look like from inside out
ensuring accuracy from start to end.

Starting Small.

With our 3D printers, designing small scale architectural models is essential when looking at the big picture. These tiny replicas give the viewer a much clearer perspective than drawings and blue prints ever could. And because design changes and reprints can be done in a matter of minutes, we can get to a final model quickly.

Study Models

Improve representation and showcase a series of design options from the beginning. Whether it's a single family house, housing community, a skyscraper, or an entire theme park, give your project a greater chance at success with models up to a cubic meter.

Going BIG?

With the ability to section your large scale models into manageable pieces, we can help you get big. From an entire hotel lobby floor, to details of a house interior, to a 6ft tall replica of the Empire State Building, scale and detail are important for the most accurate rendering of your project.  

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